Youth and Schools

Services for Youth and Schools
Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution Programs
Conflict is inevitable in schools, but student disputes can be turned into opportunities for learning conflict resolution skills. Conflict resolution programs in elementary, middle, and high schools in public, private, and religious school settings:

Decrease fighting and referrals to the principal’s office.
Help students take responsibility for solving their problems.
From one of the students:  I learned even more that I thought I would. The training makes me feel like a real mediator.
Improve self-confidence in student mediators.
Free teachers to teach more and discipline less.
Give students and staff life-long problem solving and communication skills.
Since 1993, PDRC has trained thousands of students, teachers, administrators and parent volunteers in public, private and religious schools.

Peer Mediation Training:  A core group of students representing a cross-section of the school and chosen by their peers and school staff are trained to mediate disputes which arise in schools. Students trained as mediators help their peers work through such common issues as peer conflicts, racial tension, clique rivalry, poor sportsmanship, and gossip.

Peer Mediation Program Inservice and Consultation:  A workshop and/or consultation for administrators, guidance counselors and teachers. Focus is on organizing and implementing a successful school peer mediation program. Participants also learn practical conflict management principles such as: Separating the person from the problem; Power Dynamics; Communication and Listening Skills.

Staff/Faculty/Parent Orientations:  Explains the program, its benefits, its role in the school, and how to use it effectively.

Peacebuilders’ Program

Drawing from the work of folk songwriter Peter Yarrow’s Don’t Laugh At Me curriculum, this program introduces communication, anger management, cultural sensitivity, and conflict resolution skills. It is designed to be implemented in after-school programs and group settings. This program can be tailored for Pre-K through high school. It is useful for D.A.R.E. or other drug prevention programs and for character-building programs.

Customized Programs

Programs can be tailored to a school’s, classroom’s, or youth group or organization’s specific needs and interests on a variety of topics focusing on anger management, negotiation skills, resolving conflict between parents and teachers, communication and conflict resolution.

Mediation Services

As in any workplace or business conflict in schools can be a costly and time-consuming concern be it conflict between two staff or between school personnel and a parent.  With mediation, each person or party has the opportunity to express their concerns and be heard by the other party.  Once all concerns have been voiced, the mediator can help parties find a resolution that works for everyone involved, ending the conflict and potentially strengthening the existing relationship.  Mediation services for schools may include:
Issues Between School Personnel

Employee and Supervisor Disputes

Parent/Teacher Disputes

Sports-Related Disputes

Truancy Mediation

Student Internship Opportunities

Numerous colleges and universities have used the Center as a site for student interns in the Fall and Spring Semester as well as during the summer months.  While interning at PDRC interns are provided the opportunity to:

·        Work within the court system
·        Work one-on-one with clients
·        Perform case management duties such as intake interviews, screening for appropriateness,
referring case to other agencies, and scheduling mediation sessions
·        Assist with various special projects related to the business of non-profit organization
To set up a student internship please e-mail, or call  Lawrie Parker at 540-347-6650.