Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center offers many services for businesses.  Some of these services include: workplace and multi-party mediation; commercial mediation; customized in-house workshops; conflict resolution training; real estate mediation; and organizational development.

Workplace Mediation
Businesses, organizations, and government departments and agencies may proactively and efficiently address interpersonal employer or supervisor/employee or employee/employee conflict prior to escalation and lost productivity. Workplace mediation can:
Provide fast, creative & mutually acceptable resolutions.
Foster mutual respect through improved communications.
Mend and preserve frayed working relationships.
Educate staff on how mediation can be beneficial and save time and money.
Improve participants’ abilities to resolve issues on their own in the future.
Enhance the organization’s ability to undergo change.
Business and Commercial Mediation

Businesses and organizations can quickly, fairly, and cost-effectively agree to submit their dispute to mediation. Types of issues may include: Breach of contract, nonpayment for goods and services, debt issues, insurance disputes, property disputes, partnership conflicts, and many other business related conflicts.
Under contract, the Center provides mediation services for member dealers of the Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association (VIADA).
Residential Real Estate Mediation
Mediation provides a means for dispute resolution that allows parties to preserve their business relationships, which is particularly useful in the real estate industry where numerous disputes arise between brokers, agents, residential buyers and sellers, and other interested parties in the context of an ongoing transaction or development.

Customized Business Seminars, Workshops and Training Services

Workshops and trainings are designed to meet individual client needs and specifications. Past clients include businesses, non-profit-organizations, churches, schools, civic groups, governmental departments and agencies. The length varies from 2 to 20 hours, depending on client needs. Types of fee-for-service seminars, workshops, and trainings available:
Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution Skills
Work Teams That Work
Effective Communication
Dealing With Customer Complaints
Dealing with Difficult People
Diffusing Anger and Calming People Down
Resolving Workplace Disputes
Designing Conflict Resolution Systems That Work
What Is Your Conflict Style and Why It Matters
Effective Negotiation for Everyday Life
For Managers: Designing Conflict Resolution Systems That Work
Organizational Development

PDRC provides services aimed at creating healthier organizations.  These services include:
Meeting design and facilitation
Conflict assessment and assistance
Systems analysis

For information on any of the above services please e-mail or call Lawrie Parker at 540-347-6650.